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List of SETAs

AgriSETA - Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority

Telephone Number(s): (012) 325 1655/24/43
Email Address: info@agriseta.co.za
Website Address: http://www.agriseta.co.za

BANKSETA – Banking Sector Education and Training Authority

Telephone Number(s): (011) 805-9661
Email Address: sandrad@bankseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.bankseta.org.za

CETA - Construction Education and Training Authority

Telephone Number(s): (011) 265 5900
Email Address: sandrad@bankseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.ceta.org.za

CHIETA Chemical Industries SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 726 4026
Email Address: frichard@chieta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.chieta.org.za

CTFL Clothing, Textiles, Footwear and Leather SETA

Telephone Number(s): (031) 702 4482/3/4
Email Address: info@ctflseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.ctflseta.org.za


Telephone Number(s): (011) 689 5300
Email Address: reception@eseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.eseta.org.za

ETDP Education Training and Development Practices SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 628 5000
Email Address: enquiries@etdpseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.etdpseta.org.za

FASSET - Financial and Accounting Services

Telephone Number(s): (011) 476-8570
Email Address: fasset@fasset.org.za
Website Address: http://www.fasset.org.za

FIETA Forest Industry SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 712 0600
Email Address: mail@fieta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.fieta.org.za

FOODBEV Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 253 7300
Email Address: info@foodbev.co.za
Website Address: http://www.foodbev.co.za

HWSETA Health and Welfare SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 607 6900
Email Address: hwseta@hwseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.hwseta.org.za


Telephone Number(s): (011) 544-2000
Email Address: laureld@inseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.inseta.org.za

ISETT Information Systems, Electronics and Telecommunications Technologies

Telephone Number(s): (011) 805-5115
Email Address: oupa.mopaki@isett.org.za
Website Address: http://www.isett.org.za

LGSETA Local Government SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 456-8579/456-8562
Email Address: sidwellm@lgseta.co.za
Website Address: http://www.lgseta.co.za

MAPPP Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing and Packaging SETA

Telephone Number(s): (021) 910 3001/ (011) 234 2311
Email Address: sekgana@mappp-seta.co.za
Website Address: http://www.mappp-seta.co.za

MERSETA Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services

Telephone Number(s): (011) 544-1316
Email Address: info@merseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.merseta.org.za

MQA SETA for Mining and Minerals Sector

Telephone Number(s): (011) 630-3500
Email Address: info@mqa.org.za
Website Address: http://www.mqa.org.za

PSETA Public Service Sector SETA

Telephone Number(s): (012) 314 7490
Email Address: chauker@pseta.gov.za
Website Address: http://www.dpsa.gov.za

SAS SETA (Safety and Security SETA)

Telephone Number(s): 086 110 2477 / (011) 347 0200
Email Address: aadriaanse@sasseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.sasseta.org.za


Telephone Number(s): (011) 715 1801
Email Address: bonitab@serviceseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.serviceseta.org.za

TETA Transport SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 781-1280
Email Address: info@teta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.teta.org.za

THETA Tourism and Hospitality SETA

Telephone Number(s): (011) 803-6010
Email Address: theta@theta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.theta.org.za

W&RSETA Wholesale and Retail SETA

Telephone Number(s):
0860 270 027 / (012) 676-9000
Email Address: wrseta@wrseta.org.za
Website Address: http://www.wrseta.org.za


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